Yep! We have christened the van. In keeping with ‘Big G’, the it is now officially ‘Rolling G’. We are still thinking about a name for the pajero.

A few quick snaps with the phone!

There are times that one has need to travel some distance to find what they are looking for. With the local Bunnings having the items we required in top storage and no way of getting them down anytime soon (top storage items can only be lowered when no customers are in the store and a licensed forklift operator is around – good old Occ Health and Safety! – in Europe, someone is onsight and                              they just cordon off an aisle or two), today was such a day.

Another successful day at the shops as we purchased a couple of outdoor tables

and numerous items required for the car as we shall be going into relatively remote regions.

In my first walk for some time, a saunter along the Paynter River

was most enjoyable in the glow of the late afternoon light as the native birds flew into roost. Just love the sound!