During the summer months, Museum Veere offers the visitor the rare opportunity of experiencing a few hours on board a replica of one the smaller traditional Dutch barges. Once used for the harvesting of mussels, today these vessels play a vital role in the tourism trade.

This morning, Bob and I did just that! Having biked it back to Veere, we partook of a relaxing sail in a gentle breeze on the Veerse Meer: Bob even had the opportunity to do a bit of helming!


Veere from the water.


Details for the sail:

Run twice daily by volunteers on Wednesdays and Thursdays for a price of 15 euros (2017 price) that also includes entrance to the museum, this really is a must for the visitor.



Sail completed, into the museum we went. Housed in two buildings, a Scottish house dating back to the fifteenth century and the town hall, Bob and I discovered some interesting items on show in both.

The Scottish House:

A kitchen setup.

An early dredger from the 1500s. This was different to those of today in that after the sand was lifted, sea water washed through it, thereby taking the sand out to sea. We are sorry that the images aren’t any clearer than this, but you do get an idea.

A painting of the islands pre dykes.

The town Hall:

Just inside the entrance…

Loved the doorknobs.

The court room.

The stairwell.

The royal house of the Netherlands up to approximately 1936.

Many building within Veere had these window shutters and cellar doors.