A gentle relaxed fifty or so kilometres that has brought us to Yachthafen Seelze. Situated in the Hannover – Linden Stichkanal it’s a peaceful setting in which waterlilies grow and friendly people welcome the traveller.

Nine kilometres from the Altstadt by bike, that will be tomorrow morning’s excursion.



As some of you may have gathered, our original plans have altered somewhat. With no mast for the exposed journey by sea from Cuxhaven to Wilhelmshaven, we made the decision to forgo exploring the Elbe and visiting Hamburg for this time.

Even now, we are still considering the best choice:

  • Departing the Mittelland at Minden and heading to Bremerhaven via the Weser? This will still mean a short sea leg around protected marsh areas prior to entering Wilhelmshaven. The question is, ‘Will the weather be as changeable as it is now in two weeks’ time?’
  • Taking the Weser to Bremerhaven then, soon after, turning into the Hunte River/Kustenkanal to first the Ems, then the Ems Seiten Kanal to Emden in Ost Friesland.
  • Completing the Mittelland Kanal, then taking the Ems and Ems Seiten Kanal to Emden?

Wanting to visit Bremen, at this stage Bob and I believe it will either version 1 or 2 we take – we shall see!