5pm sun setting we approached Seranda, Albania. High mountain peaks enshrouded in thick grey clouds drew ever closer.

Hillside grasses of drab olive greens were interspersed here and there with what appeared to be low shrub like bushes. Well into the bay, signs of civilization were as small villages became visible to the eye.


Bob phoned his contact who conversed in excellent English and provided us with the required instructions for entering port. Into the tiny harbour Gratis motored, coming to rest at last alongside the dock. Here was the arrival/exit point for the cruise liners, ferries and their passengers.

Officials dockside, paperwork practically nil, this was one of the simplest arrivals we had encountered. A piece of paper stamped and Gratis had officially exited the EU.

As evening approached, small fishing boats chugged past, homeward bound to their small harbour across the way.

As the cruise liner departed, two young lads had a wow of a time soaring to and fro upon the ship’s wake.

In the late afternoon glow of the sunlight, the hillside opposite softly lit.