The gas burners on our old stove had been playing up for quite some time: to such an extent one would regularly want to heave it overboard. A few weeks ago, Bob happened to overbalance in just the right spot. Grabbing hold of the oven handle in order to regain his equilibrium, the handle broke leaving his elbow continuing a downward momentum straight into the oven door, whereupon the glass shattered into millions of tiny pieces. Smoke coming out of his ears, he commenced the process of cleaning up the mess.

I upon the other hand, thinking the Gods were with us, was quietly laughing and cheering. There was now an excuse to give that ‘bitch of a stove’ the old heave to!

After much research, Bob settled upon the Nelson and put the order through. Imagine our surprise when upon walking into the capitainerie this morning – just a day later, there was our spanking new stove.

Home Bob travelled with a speed you would not believe!! Trolley collected, back he returned, loaded the package aboard and hightailed it back to Big G. A day of rain and thunder storms, it was the perfect weather for installing our new beauty. What a dream she is!!!!

Whilst Bob worked on the stove, I sifted through the brochures collected along the way, sorting into the ‘Carcassonne exploration’, ‘Midi still to do 2015’, ‘return trip’, and ‘2016’ collections. The late afternoon saw us working together to prioritise and further reduce the piles.

I love it. Having the griller and oven separate works so much better.