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Bègles to Castets – en – Dorthe

Full moon having been a few days prior, this was the day upon which the tidal stream would be fastest and for the shortest length of time. An early start, rearrangement of the mooring lines to ensure ease of cast off in what was already a strong flow. Pull in the stern line, slowly release […]


One would not want to fall in the river here. This tree branch which thrust itself through the pontoon decking overnight gives one an indication of the river’s power. Marina pylons used along the Gironde are gigantic here, a requirement for the powerful tidal rushes. The marina:   The day was searching for the Navicartes […]

Bordeaux To Bègles (Port Garonne)

A short 5nm motor up river took us to Bègles on this morning. Bordeaux, with its centuries old buildings, viewed from the river was an awe inspiring sight to one visiting for the first time. Excitement for the morning occurred upon entering the marina. At no time had we read or been informed that upon departing […]