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Bulstringen to Hohenstein Wolfsburg Bulstringen to Hohenstein Wolfsburg

A peaceful, lockfree day along the Mittelland Kanal with plenty of warmth. Bob and I love the small estuaries the Germans have incorporated within the canal structure. Look what we saw! Hohenstein is a town deliberately built around an old guesthouse in the 1950s. Oh, the barge in the top image is our European dream […]

Genthin to Bulstringen, Germany Genthin to Bulstringen, Germany

A late start followed by a long, but relaxed, day of 67km as our hoped for stop came and went. Excitement? Yes. A wasp, a good 1½ inch in size buzzed through the door. From its markings, all screamed ‘European Wasp’. If it was, this was the biggest we have ever come I contact with. […]