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Munster to Gartenstadt, Mittelland Kanal

Well, in cold wet conditions we travelled 30 kilometres or so along the Dortmund – Ems to the 108km mark, where a right turn took us onto the Mittelland Kanal. Another 30 saw us arrive at the night’s stop: peaceful calm countryside still raining, of course. The Mittelland Kanal was a miniature highway, as a continual flow of […]

Yachthafen Y.C. Dortmund – Ems To Munster, Germany Yachthafen Y.C. Dortmund – Ems To Munster, Germany

Low rolling hills, between which nestled red bricked homes with their rooves of like colour. The occasional old barns and homes of mixed brick, wood and shingled rooves were interspersed throughout the region. The Germans were still in the process of greening the waterway, with hundreds of young saplings taking a foothold along the banks. […]