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Departing Carcassonne

We depart Carcassonne today. Will be in Agde putting the mast back on by the end of the week.

Grotto de Limousis

20 minutes to the north of Carcassonne is this breathtaking natural wonder of five caverns full of spectacular formations. At the source of the Midi: Prise d’Alzeau.

Back to Work

We are back to work today. No matter where you are, the washing must be done. The pic another one from yesterday at La Cite.

La Cite

It was a visit to La Cite, a fortified city standing on a plateau above Carcassone. Words can’t describe this masterpiece that was built over the ages. The pic is just a sample.

Stove Replacement

The gas burners on our old stove had been playing up for quite some time: to such an extent one would regularly want to heave it overboard. A few weeks ago, Bob happened to overbalance in just the right spot. Grabbing hold of the oven handle in order to regain his equilibrium, the handle broke […]

Bram to Carcassonne

  An early 7:30am start with the aim of being ahead of the rowers and holiday makers, plus making landfall in Carcassonne by mid – afternoon. Soon after departing, the rowers commenced passing us – the more experienced reaching speeds of a good 4 – 5 knots plus. The bike riders, we discovered, were keeping […]

Heading for Carcassonne

Departing for Carcassone this morning. Image: the bridge, Pont Vieux, leading into the basin at sunset last night.