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Genthin to Bulstringen, Germany Genthin to Bulstringen, Germany

A late start followed by a long, but relaxed, day of 67km as our hoped for stop came and went. Excitement? Yes. A wasp, a good 1½ inch in size buzzed through the door. From its markings, all screamed ‘European Wasp’. If it was, this was the biggest we have ever come I contact with. […]

Ketzin to Genthin, Germany Ketzin to Genthin, Germany

A blowy day that whipped the waters to a slight chop, but nothing Gratis couldn’t handle. Two locks, 60km and plenty of bird song. This fella made good use of the wind as they tacked back and forth in front if the boat at our night’s mooring. A quick drink and stretch, then off he […]