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Halle to Brussels, Belgium Halle to Brussels, Belgium

A short bike ride took us down to the next lock in search of more detailed information: there wasn’t a great deal of detail on the web page. The kindly keeper informed us the projected timeline for the repairs was ten days, but that could be indefinite. On making a comment about taking the Dender […]

Halle and the Ronquières Incline Plane, Belgium Halle and the Ronquières Incline Plane, Belgium

  The news on the lock wasn’t looking too good, so we decided to give it one more day before making a decision. Quite a cool day, there wasn’t much incentive to do much more than remain on board.

Brussels to Halle, Belgium Brussels to Halle, Belgium

This was the day we waved goodbye to Brussels and commenced our journey along the Brussels – Charleroi Canal. Unfortunately, it was a city that we just couldn’t connect with in the short time we were there. The waterway is filthy and dead fish float upon the canal’s surface, whilst the city itself had an overall feel […]