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Harlingen, Netherlands Harlingen, Netherlands

Resting on the shores of the Wadden Sea, Harlingen is an historical fishing/seaport, that is today a mecca for the tourists and a connection point for those wishing to visit the Frisian island of Terschelling. Some hours were spent exploring the tiny waterways of the township: quite different to those of Leeuwarden, these generally came […]

Franeker to Harlingen: Van Harinxmakanaal, Netherlands Franeker to Harlingen: Van Harinxmakanaal, Netherlands

A short 8km motor brought took us to the outskirts of the port side town of Harlingen this morning. Just past the Konigsbrug, we exited the Van Harinxmakanaal and found ourselves winding past a multitude of moored boats – which Bob intently studied in passing. On arrival at Industriebrug, Bob phoned the bridge operator, who […]