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Ketzin to Genthin, Germany Ketzin to Genthin, Germany

A blowy day that whipped the waters to a slight chop, but nothing Gratis couldn’t handle. Two locks, 60km and plenty of bird song. This fella made good use of the wind as they tacked back and forth in front if the boat at our night’s mooring. A quick drink and stretch, then off he […]

Spandau to Ketzin, Germany Spandau to Ketzin, Germany

This year’s adage is, ‘Take it easy!’ With that in mind, it was a slow relaxed start to the first day of our 2017 cruising year. On the advice of our friend, Ollie, heading north for 7km brought us to the Havel Kanal junction, where Bob turned Gratis left. How right our German friend was. […]