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Les Roches de Condrieu to Lyon Les Roches de Condrieu to Lyon

After three and a bit very pleasant relaxing days, we were on our way up the Rhone once more. Levels had continued falling thank goodness. Our initial plan had been that of motoring the short distance to Givors, where a new water heater (it hadn’t rained but hailed, when various items gave up the ghost […]

Les Roches de Condrieu Les Roches de Condrieu

A pair of white swans have their abode within the marina. This afternoon, espying Bob working on deck, they visited Gratis in search of a meal.   Damsel flies and fluorescent greens and blues lazed upon the mooring lines, whilst small birds twittered merrily away.

les Roches de Condrieu

Much better day. Current non existent. Only motored 20km. In les Roches de Condrieu for a few days.

Lock Sablons to Les Roches de Condrieu Lock Sablons to Les Roches de Condrieu

Rain and thunderstorms overnight. Two days of 30+ and humidity had come to an end as thunderstorms passed in the distance and gentle rain fell upon us. Decision made this morning. A 20km motor to Les Roches de Condrieu where a relaxing couple of days would be spent. Ɛ22 per night for water, power, laundry […]