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Lyon to Creches – sur – Saone, France Lyon to Creches – sur – Saone, France

With the pressure on to reach Germany, the decision to leave exploring the old part of Lyon until 2017 was made. Motoring out of the township was most pleasurable as we passed a juxtaposition of old and new. An imposing abbey stood tall upon the aged ramparts whilst in the lower walls tunnels led who […]

Les Roches de Condrieu to Lyon Les Roches de Condrieu to Lyon

After three and a bit very pleasant relaxing days, we were on our way up the Rhone once more. Levels had continued falling thank goodness. Our initial plan had been that of motoring the short distance to Givors, where a new water heater (it hadn’t rained but hailed, when various items gave up the ghost […]

Port St Louis to Lyon, France

The collation of ports and locks for our trip from Port St Louis to Lyon has been completed. In conjunction with utilising current information about the current flow and so forth, now it is possible to consider the planning of our journey upon this river.     Some links that will help us with our preparations […]