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Parsowice (Porschwitz) and Prochowice (Parchwitz), Poland Parsowice (Porschwitz) and Prochowice (Parchwitz), Poland

Yesterday Parsowice (image above), and today  Prochowice (Parchwitz) today: at last a sign of the Lutherans who once lived there.    

Spalona (Heinersdorf) & Prochowice (Parchwitz) Spalona (Heinersdorf) & Prochowice (Parchwitz)

Spalona (Heinersdorf) & Prochowice (Parchwitz) Yes, I had the wrong Heinersdorf. As we travelled and I took real note of most distances travelled by the family, I developed a niggling feeling that, in the scheme of things, Chwalecice wasn’t the township in which Johanna – Gottlieb’s wife -had been born. A bit more research and I […]