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Parc naturel des Plaines de l’Escaut, Belgium Parc naturel des Plaines de l’Escaut, Belgium

In Peruwelz… we found ourselves still within the region encompassed by the Eurometropolis Blue Park and the both of us were loving it. After a day of rain, the weather at last cleared enough, off to Peruwelz went we: our destination L’Escale Forestiere  – or in English ‘Scheldt Plain Nature Park House’. This was another […]

Peruwelz to Peronnes, Belgium Peruwelz to Peronnes, Belgium

Today’s was just a short leg to the marina at Peronnes. We wanted to check out the township of Tornai and its pontoons prior to continuing there. The 14m lock just outside of Peronnes marina was an easy drop with its floating bollards.

Huissignies to Peruwelz, Belgium Huissignies to Peruwelz, Belgium

After the most peaceful of nights, the arrival of the lock operators at 8:30 it was an early start for all. With a barge joining the group, there were two teams, with us being in the second. Between Huissignies, the water level occasionally dropped to 1.7m, but mostly stayed at 1.9m and above. We found […]