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Munster, Dortmund – Ems Canal, Germany Munster, Dortmund – Ems Canal, Germany

Sorry it’s been a few days since the last update: Between motoring and studying the charts for the Mittelland to Spandau leg, life has been hectic. The past few days have seen our journey along the Rhein and Rhein – Herne Canal come to an end, and we are currently enjoying our sojourn upon the […]

On the Rhein

120km today. Beautiful country. Moored in a marina at Hitdorf.  

Koblenz to Hitdorf Koblenz to Hitdorf

 Awaking to find a thin fog drifting upon the surface river, Bob and I relaxed with a warming mug of coffee each. A small breeze at last set in, and off we set. Only a few short kilometres took us to the lock that would conclude our Mosel journey and see the commencement of the […]

Koblenz One Afternoon Koblenz One Afternoon
Wiesbaden and Trier Wiesbaden and Trier

The last two days have seen us out exploring. Wednesday took us along the southern Rhein’s banks to Wiesbaden and back. Next year shall see us returning for a much more in depth exploration, for the area was truly spectacular. Yesterday, it was Trier, the oldest town in Germany. On a plaque in one church was […]

2016 Journey to Come

Here are some maps showing the route we shall be taking upon the waterways this year. This covers the Rhone, Soane, Canal des Vosges, Mosel, Rhein, and Mittelland Kanal.