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Rühen to Burg Rühen to Burg

Bob and I awoke to a chill pervading the air. Arising, it was to discover a thick fog pervading the air through which a rust orange sun was attempting to break through. The planned stop at Hildesleben didn’t eventuate. Massive works bankside for kilometres meant no mooring areas were available to the traveller. New bridges, […]

Peine to Kilometre 256 near Rühen, Germany Peine to Kilometre 256 near Rühen, Germany

A relaxed start to the morning, a food stop just outside of Wolsburg, past the Elbe Seitencanal, more exquisite countryside and the most peaceful of stops at kilometre mark 256. Some distance from the town, all that resides within this tract of countryside is farming land and a small restaurant resting alongside of the canal’s […]