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SV Taipan SV Taipan

SV Taipan West Australian couple, David and Kris, departed Australia on their 50ft Kaufman in 2004. Today, they are experiencing COVID in the Pacific as they return to Oz once more. At this moment in time, with cyclone season rapidly approaching, Kris and David have to make the decision as to whether they continue to […]

Red Roo Red Roo

Red Roo: click this link to open Phil and Maree’s journey commenced in France with the purchase of Red Roo. The intention is to eventually sail her to Oz, but in the meantime, there is much to see explore in Europe. To date, their journey has taken them through the Baltic, around the UK and […]

New Zealand to Australia: Day Ten New Zealand to Australia: Day Ten

A STORM!   Awakened to the sound of howling winds and winches grinding, it was with a rush – or as much as one could in the conditions – that I hastened upstairs. The storm, I discovered, had struck with ferocious vengeance.   Cliff was at the helm, Bob on the starboard gennie sheet winch […]