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New Pics and Spiels from France and Cocos Online

France There are a few more images to be placed on the Abbey page tomorrow.   Cocos Keeling

Valence d’Agen to Moissac

A thunderstorm blew in from nowhere last night. Upon waking this morning a Gratis covered in leaves, twigs and fruit greeted our eyes. A rapid clean up and we were off: or maybe not!! Arriving at the first lock of the day 5 minutes later, no lock lights greeted us. Mooring to a dredging barge, […]

Agen to Valance – d’Agen

A spot of rain this morning,   but we were back on the move regardless. The train track ran parallel with the canal for some distance, whilst the long, straight watercourse stretched for endless kilometres ahead of us. The waterway was wider in this section and depths of two metres made for easy motoring and […]