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Fried Noodles

3 cups corn pasta ½ jar peppers (capsicums) drained and diced 2 dessertspoons dried chives ½ can corn drained 1 can champignons drained and diced 1 can asparagus drained and chopped 1 can sausages (hot dogs) drained and chopped ½ teaspoon ground chilli powder 1 clove garlic crushed Salt and pepper to taste (we use […]

Sautéed Chicken

Sautéed Chicken 4 dessertspoons maple syrup Shallot chopped Dessertspoons dried chives ½ cup sheep yoghurt 1 teaspoon parsley Clove garlic crushed ¼ cup Queen Bee sticky white wine (or white wine of choice) Salt and pepper to taste (we use celery salt) ¼ cup olive oil Breasts chicken sliced and skinned of fat Place all […]