Painting is well under way. With all shut down over Christmas here, Bob interrupted the indoor painting yesterday and headed over to the sheds to cut out the wood for the bathroom and kitchen cupboards.

Other happenings:

Our mariner compass quilt is gradually growing, compliments of Tuesday get togethers with other craft ladies.

With clear skies, a smoking Mount Etna was visible from Ragusa the other day.

With the high moisture level in the air, we discovered mold growing in areas it had never been found before. The purchase of a dehumidifier became top priority: it works a treat!!!

Flu shots: highly surprised when we discovered the doctor’s visit was free.

Exquisite weather with 20 degree days and little wind at the moment, compliments of a massive high.

2015 page: gradually going through it. A very slow process.

My Nikon D700 has done over 100,000 shots. With a lifetime of 150,000 it has come time to think about a replacement. With the supposed equivalents that have been released since it was taken out of production falling short in one area or another, I am not yet prepared to replace it with a newer model. Bob found a used one that had taken few shots and it will arrive this week. This also means I can have two lens set ups without having to change over.