The barometer falling from 1012 to 1004, the wind reached a peak of 43 knots before spending the night blowing in the 30’s. Undergoing a sudden 90 degree change in direction from south to west yesterday morning, within seconds 54 knots went blasting through the marina. Lasting no more than two minutes, the cloud that brought it disappeared over the horizon and the blast died as suddenly as it came, leaving in its wake a much gentler 20 knot breeze.

This morning has found me sorting through the photos from June and July. With almost 3,000 images deleted, the what’s left are ready for editing. Just a few more thousand from the remaining 10 months left to sort. The spiels? They are gradually coming together.

One the past times Bob enjoys is looking at the boats available for sale so that he can keep up with what is out there. This is what is keeping him occupied this morning.