What a night it was Friday!!!! 50+ knots throughout as a massive low to the south passed through.

One section of the pontoons came apart early on as it snapped under the pressure created by the wind. It required the assistance of two tugs with lines attached to the southern piece in order to prevent it from totally falling apart and thereby adrift: the tugs were all that kept the yachts contained within safe from massive damage or destruction whilst people set about the repairs. We were fortunate in that Gratis was on the secondary leg, but we were cautious and on constant watch until conditions settled.

With winds still a – blowing, yesterday was a day of relaxation as we settled in for the duration and watched the ‘Deadwood’ series.

Back to work today. With winds non – existent, Bob will once more venture up the mast to complete the adjustment required for moving the forestay: this will enable the twins to fly free on the connections upon which the gennie sat, thereby ensuring there will be no repeat of the Genoa being entwined within as the monoliths are furled.