Today saw us catch a taxi to Ushaka Marine World. Here one could meander along the promenade exploring the shops and partaking of a meal. A Wet and Wild theme park was perfect for those seeking relief from the humidity and heat or just looking for sheer excitement.

No, we two didn’t venture in that direction. It was a group of reptiles and amphibians that first enticed us within their darkened night world, followed soon after by creatures of the deep inviting us into a world full of massive aquariums that were placed within the bowels of a ‘wrecked’ ship that drew us. This was one of the best we have come across.


The Night World

Iguanas of immense proportions.

Chameleons and other lizards.

Snakes of many varieties.

This particular fella was in an attacking frame of mind.


Frogs and Scorpions.

Alligators, or was it crocodiles?

Tarantulas – this was a bird eating spider.

On the way to the Marine World, food, sculptures, shops a plenty.

Into the Marine World

Giant Crayfish

Tropical fish

Anemones and sea horses

That incredible, most ugly of creatures, the stone fish.

Sea worms gracefully swaying in the current.

This strangest looking fish was so difficult to capture: he didn’t stop moving for a moment.

Jelly fish


This fella reminded us of an old man.

Lion Fish

Bob had a bit of fun with this ginormous fellow.

Shovel fish and more..

Even fish have differing expressions. Some look worried and some sad, whilst others just look ferocious!

More fun for Bob….

The ship….

This marine park, so well designed, was the highlight of our short stay in Durban, a town where one must take caution when setting out

In what has been a week of racing around and working on repairs and adjustments, the relaxing afternoon was much needed downtime.