The day commenced with an early visit to the Victor Hugo Market.

What a difference! All stores were open and mouth watering delicacies enticed the taste buds.

Fresh vegies of all shapes, sizes and colours.

The famous Toulouse sausage, still made according to the original recipe – free of wheat and nitrates, what a boon!

Fish straight off the boats.

Cheeses in all shapes, sizes and flavours: sheep cheese – what manna!

Biscuits, French style.

Hams – the longer it was cured, the more expensive it became.

Almost 500 euro seemed a bit exorbitant.


all nicely laid out in a line.

Yet more biscuits. Sweet toothed are the French.

More meat.

And finally our favourite: the sorbets!

Back home we marched, with a misbehaving trolley and one frustrated Jamie who actually gave it a talking to!!