Waters running at 4500m³/s, passing through the lock was still barred to us.

Across from Avignon resides the tiny township of Villeneuve lez Avignon. Originally the petite village of Saint Andre – so named for the abbey around which it grew, it was with the coming of the papacy that the name chance took place.

Flowers were everywhere.

Bob and I liked Avignon, but it was this tiny village in we found most delight.

Into the quiet remains of an old cloister:

For a small entrance fee of 6Ɛ, the abbey and its gardens – so lovingly restored by the owners – brought to the visitor a sense of peace and calm. A video which contained English subtitles, signed displays, the gardens to wander and plenty of chairs for those choosing to sit and relax.

Had we known it was possible to order a picnic basket lunch and enjoy the picturesque view, that would have been on the ‘to do’ list.

Time for a photo or two.

Bob got into the act, too.

The sheep weren’t too sure about Bob’s singing.

Time to admire the distant view before heading home.