It was another day spent exploring the Lot River region.

First stop was Villeneuve – sur – Lot, a town first constructed in 1276.

Bastille Day, the forces were preparing to march in celebration of the ‘Storming of the Bastille’, the commencement of the French Revolution (


Massive gate entrances, enticed the visitor to explore further.

The town clock upon its tower enticed us further in.

Aged doors set within ornately designed entrances.

Market Day, the town square was awash with colour: the fruit was to die for!!

Created from red brick, the church was a masterpiece – sadly, we were unable to explore inside.

However, the were some photo boards up that gave us an enticing glimpse:

Flower baskets containing brightly coloured flora decorated the streets and items within the clear glassed shop windows enticed.

Pigeons fed upon the seeds of plants which had gained purchase within the brickwork.

An early bridge spanned the Lot River.

Our final stop for the day was Pujols, an ancient fortified town resting high atop a hill which overlooked the valley way below.

Retaining it medieval character, this was a town which called out to the visitor. Remnants of the old walls and castle, fortified gates, timbered houses and more invited the tourist in.

This was a town well cared for by its population. The old well, its chain behind, now a – topped with flowers and thick green hedges adorned the ancient walls.

Signs reminiscent of times past encouraged the visitor to enter.

The market place, created from aged wooden beams.

No matter where one looked, the town’s history was evident.

A stop for coffee, and a bit more exploration.

What hours must have been spent creating these by hand.

A walking stick for guess who!!!

The day was completed with a sop upon the banks of the Gironne at Agen, where we took in the arched acqueduct upon which Gratis had motored when entering the town.