An early start in the brisk morning air, soon found us on our southward bound journey once more. Rain heavy cloud formations northward bound, left us with feelings of relief to have left those rainy days behind.

The lighting was perfect for photos this morning.

Turning left into the Noorder Buiten Spaarne River the motor became quite picturesque. A few simple lifting bridges and a lock that lowered only centimetres were all that blocked a non stop motor. Along this stretch, the water cruiser had need to pay a few euro to the bridge and lock operators.

Twenty nine kilometres after departing the marina, we arrived in Haarlem, which is situated on the banks of the River Spaarne, a few short kilometres from the North Sea.­­

Whilst waiting for one of the bridges to open, a group in national costume gathered for a wedding at the windmill.

Quite an imposing sight, its blades were actually turning.

In places, children fished.

How was this for an interesting attachment on the bridge!

Passing through the harbour, a mooring with electricity was just missed as the boat ahead spotted it and moored: with cruisers on the move, electrical facilities are a rarity here at the moment. A couple of more lifting bridges, and a mooring situated practically outside the old town centre was found for Gratis.

An afternoon walk into the medieval township presented us with the ‘wow’ factor, as the architecture of building upon building meant the ever – roving eye was unable to rest!

Three very different styles of market on within the old town centre, in addition to numerous Cafes and restaurants, Haarlem was abuzz with the sound of chatter. Tomorrow’s exploration is going to be interesting.


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