The past one and a half weeks had been marvellous, but as the season of Autumn commenced its advance, it was time……….

Water tanks filled and decks washed, to the west of Amsterdam Gratis motored: one more must do job before we could be Haarlem bound that afternoon.

With four more weeks of travelling ahead of us, and coin laundries few and far between, the washing had need to be done!

Well, the laundrette was full on with people doing their washing, so ours took quite a bit longer than expected. On arrival back at Gratis, I discovered a barge had pulled in behind us, and the friendly Captain was on board our girl having a good old natter with Bob.

As our neighbour joined us for an evening meal of roasted chicken cooked to perfection in the Cob, a most pleasurable few hours ensued.

A good night’s sleep would see us on our way come the morn!


We enjoyed our stay at WSV De Watergeuzen. Friendly people, nicely priced, quiet setting, a short dinghy ride into town, and not that far from the train stations.