2017 Journey

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Preparing this year’s route from Spandau, Germany to Basel, Switzerland. We thought the mapping for last year was a bit tricky. Working out the best route through Holland and Belgium is even more difficult! It turns out, the shortest route is heading upstream via mostly rivers. Hmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! Maybe not the fastest after all. Need to work out another route and … Read More

Liggersdorf to Zermatt, Switzerland

gratisaustralisEurope and European Waterways, Switzerland

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Next to the hotel was a dairy come stables in which cows were housed. After going into slumber to the sounds of a cow creating a combination of lowing and weird sounds – almost as though it was pushing, on the morn, we awoke to the most incredible bellow. Bob and I believe it was pregnant and giving birth, as all went silent … Read More