Saliander officially became known as Australis 1 back in late March, but we had a six month window in which to ticks all the boxes required. This week was the week. The last of her old name ‘Saliander’ removed, the lettering denoting our girl as ‘Australis 1’ to all was adhered to the stern and sides.


Bob continued working on the wiring for the solar panels.

Wires connected,

a quick check on voltage,

final connection details completed,

and they are working at last.

Some scrumptious zucchini strips covered in bread and corn crumbs, with herbs and leek combined,

the leftovers moulded into small tasty nuggets,

and stiry fry

were some of the foods that provided perfect sustenance.

Evenings provide the time to continue with the quilting project I am doing for a very special young lady.

In a first since our return to Oz, Bob and I took time off to enjoy a drive through the nature reserve on Hunter Wetlands National Park on Ash Island (part of Kooragang Island), situated just north of Newcastle.

A Red Necked Stint, or the endangered Lesser Sand Plover? I’m going with the plover, but either way, sighting the tiny bird was a highlight.

Taken with the micro 4/3 equivalent of the full frame 300m, these images are significantly cropped. My full nikon set have finally sold, so I am really looking forward to purchasing the soon to be released super telephoto lens.


Then there are the updates from our New Zealand Trip now online.

Orokawa Bay: Pristine Peaceful Beauty

Orokawa Bay: A Bay of Contrasts

A more detailed extension and short movie about the orcas’ visit.

Orcas, An Unexpected Sighting



Hunter Wetlands National Park

Lesser Sand Plover

Red Necked Stint


This one is for people with children hunter wetlands national park