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The Week That Was 5 The Week That Was 5

The Traveller, Belgium Revisited and more…. With school holidays underway, Bob and I made the decision to push on with work rather than taking the weekly day out.   Work After a night of thinking Bob realised he’d missed a step in the priming of the engine. Problem solved and with its new filters, it […]

The Week That Was 4 The Week That Was 4

A Goanna, A Birthday and Work!   Myall Lakes Sightings Another trip to Myall Lakes presented us with some incredible sightings, but not many pictures. The goanna, otherwise known as the monitor lizard was a fantastic find. Like the crocodile, they have been in existence for millenia, and are to be found in a multitude […]

The Week That Was 3 The Week That Was 3

A Birthday and More! I think I will make the ‘Week That Was!’ a weekly heading for the short recap of happenings aboard. A week of fantastic weather came to a sudden end as a predicted weather front arrived three days early. The lack of planes in the air is certainly playing havoc with the […]

Myall Lakes, A Stunning Wetlands Myall Lakes, A Stunning Wetlands

Myall Lakes National Park, New South Wales The weather warming beautifully, this was a perfect day for taking a break from boat work for an explore. First off, though, was this beauty coming alongside. A replica paddle wheel steam sailer. Just over an hour north of Newcastle, and 16km east of Bulahdelah, is the picturesque […]

Tuna Potato Patties Tuna Potato Patties

For those with food allergies or intolerances, this is a meal where dairy and wheat can be easily substituted for other products. I use Like Milk (pea milk) and rice flour for a dairy free and wheat free alternative.   1 large can tuna 4 large potatoes pinch of salt, to taste 2 tablespoons margarine […]

The Week That Was 2 The Week That Was 2

Work on Australis 1 continues slowly.   Boat Work The v berth up front had timber planking lining the sides. Although aesthetically suiting the wooden theme inside, there was a downside to them. They made the already small area appear smaller. Only being screwed in place, allowed dust to fall between the cracks. Regular varnishing […]

Goodbye August Goodbye August

Where has the year gone? How can we be in September already? Work wise, steps have been small and more research undertaken before the next stage is undertaken. In good news, the traveller for the main sheet has been shipped. Now it’s a matter of waiting. A new page titled ‘Blogs Followed’ is up and […]

A Yacht Renamed A Yacht Renamed

Saliander officially became known as Australis 1 back in late March, but we had a six month window in which to ticks all the boxes required. This week was the week. The last of her old name ‘Saliander’ removed, the lettering denoting our girl as ‘Australis 1’ to all was adhered to the stern and […]

The week that was 1 The week that was 1

We are still trying to figure out where time goes. It’s almost the end of August and with much remaining to be done, already we’re discussing when to head home to Adelaide. That aside, things are progressing. There is only one day of our time in New Zealand during March left to put online. A […]

Solar Panel Wiring Going Ahead Solar Panel Wiring Going Ahead

Between rainy days and constantly having to race out for new parts required for finishing the job,it’s been rather slow progress progress for Bob this week. That aside, some advances have been made and he is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as the wiring work comes together. Some soldering, […]

Solar Panels: A Great Energy Source Solar Panels: A Great Energy Source

Solar panels are a major requirement on cruising boats in today’s world. Why? They are a critical source of energy for maintaining the modern systems on board. Fridges, lights, batteries, computers and so forth all utilise the energy the panels bring on to Australis 1 – and Gratis, too. When we took ownership, Australis 1 […]

Life on Board Update Life on Board Update

Life is never boring…..      

New Davit Lines New Davit Lines

From aged wire with sharp hidden spikes to new dyneema. A bit of work, but well worth the effort.

New Zealand to Australia: Day Seven New Zealand to Australia: Day Seven

Disbelief, as just before dawn, the auto pilot, decided it was no longer able to cope with the conditions made and experienced non – stop hissy fits.   Two hours or so of constantly dealing with constantly correcting large directional errors that took place as she gave way, the decision to go to manual control […]

New Zealand to Australia: Day four New Zealand to Australia: Day four

That had been the most uncomfortable of nights and sleep nigh on impossible. Resultant of the bucking bronco conditions, to remain on one’s bed, one had needs to find any niche that could be a possible grab hold. Spread eagled on the bed, with the left foot pinioned between the two mattresses, the right braced […]

New Zealand to Australia: Day Three New Zealand to Australia: Day Three

On arising from below, Bob and I were greeted by the sight of rolling hills, the leftover result from those overnight squalls. Grey skies were brightened by the rarity of the brightest of rainbows as the sun fought to break her way through the clouds’ dreary domination. On undertaking the daily sail check, one of […]

New Zealand to Australia: Day One New Zealand to Australia: Day One

Bob and I had been in New Zealand since early February and thanks to long delays in completion of the paperwork for registration and renaming of Saliander to Australis 1 – the result of  having to physically post documentation – in Australia, plus the outbreak of Covid19 and its level four lockdown in New Zealand, […]

Search for a New Boat: the Story Search for a New Boat: the Story

With each year’s commencement I am always determined to keep the Blog up to date and, as always, that plan fell into disarray almost immediately upon our return to Europe in 2019. The past half decade had seen Bob and I mulling over the concept of returning to the Med in Gratis and purchasing a […]

Time For Food Restock Time For Food Restock

Orokawa Bay to Paihai to Orokawa Bay After some days spent relaxing and just being, in this peaceful bay, a major food restock was required. Anchor raised, and we were off. Dolphins twirling was the highlight: not just once but twice. Against the backdrop of the stunning landscape, they were an awe – inspiring sight. […]

Orokawa Bay: A Bay of Contrasts! Orokawa Bay: A Bay of Contrasts!

New Zealand and its Bay of Islands continues to amaze. No swell, pristine, peaceful, idyllic. This bay is delightful. Awaking as dawn was breaking, on looking out the portal I discovered mist arising in the valley over the hill. Drifting westward, it wended it way out over the water, gradually engulfing the distant yachts resting […]