Work on Australis 1 continues slowly.


Boat Work

The v berth up front had timber planking lining the sides. Although aesthetically suiting the wooden theme inside, there was a downside to them.

  • They made the already small area appear smaller.
  • Only being screwed in place, allowed dust to fall between the cracks.
  • Regular varnishing required = more work

Our solution? Remove the planks and paint. Less work in the long run and a larger looking v berth.

I think you can guess what my task is going to be this week!


Bob went out looking for rubber seals and hose for the engine and generator. Coming down the stairs, I saw he had returned with an extra.

Out on special, and requiring an addition micron filter for the drinking water, my love had splurged. A short while later, our brand new tap was installed.

The downside? He has spent hours chasing down the various leaks taking place at the joints. Plastic just isn’t as good as metal in these instances.



That quilt for a special little girl continues growing.

The smallest and most challenging animals are completed.

This week I commenced cutting and tacking the large Sunbonnet Sues.



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