The Traveller, Belgium Revisited and more….

With school holidays underway, Bob and I made the decision to push on with work rather than taking the weekly day out.



After a night of thinking Bob realised he’d missed a step in the priming of the engine. Problem solved and with its new filters, it started first pop. Smiles all round there.


The forward cabin walls are now newly painted. What a difference that makes!

Bob is now working on installing the new traveller.

The current main sheet contraption is dangerous, particularly if an unexpected gybe takes place.

Ceiling removed,

it was possible to see where the original once lay.

Winches were removed.

The outer two required

a little more effort, particularly when the nut wouldn’t loosen.


The answer? Add a second nut to provide more area for gripping.

The track area all clear up cropped another problem. One end is higher than the other. Out Bob went for a plane…..

More on this next week.

For the first time since departing Adelaide last January, a meal of steak for Bob and lamb for myself was enjoyed.



The pieces are gradually coming along.


Belgium Revisited

With our time in New Zealand now all online, it was now possible for me to return to last year’s trip through Europe.

You will find the links to our trip upon the Lovaart Canal and a second visit to the township of Veurne below. Veurne has an amazing history and we loved the items that helped to make the town unique.

Fintele to Veurne





This week, I revisited the pasta sauce recipe. An image and a few changes – including serving possibilities – were made.

Pasta Sauce