Where has the year gone?

How can we be in September already?

Work wise, steps have been small and more research undertaken before the next stage is undertaken. In good news, the traveller for the main sheet has been shipped. Now it’s a matter of waiting.

A new page titled ‘Blogs Followed’ is up and running. It can be found in the Blog Menu drop down. First off the rank is Red Roo’s.



Another day of our time in New Zealand is online. Highlight were the dolphins.

Dolphins a Leaping


Our friends Anne and Cliff made an overnight stop and it was a delight catching up.


From the Susea Spray point of view, three courses were completed, a fourth commenced and after three months of deliberation, the synopsis at long last completed.


At long last its seems that spring has arrived and the weather warming as a 30°C day was enjoyed.


Today is rest day, and we are heading out for a drive in the car.