A Goanna, A Birthday and Work!


Myall Lakes Sightings

Another trip to Myall Lakes presented us with some incredible sightings, but not many pictures.

The goanna, otherwise known as the monitor lizard was a fantastic find.

Like the crocodile, they have been in existence for millenia, and are to be found in a multitude of Aboriginal Dreaming stories. Apparently, they are also great to eat.

A small version of the Sturts Desert Pea was running rampant across the region we ambled through. This proved quite an unexpected boon, as they are not known to be endemic this far east. Sadly, we were a week late for the best bloom.

Then, there was the dingo, superb blue wren and yellow tailed black cockatoos (although they appeared a dirty white rather than yellow).


A Birthday

It was Bob’s day this time.

Fighter World, situated just out of Newcastle, was our destination.

Bob was in heaven!

We even saw the fighter jets taking off. Ear Muffs are definitely advised.

A stop at Heatherbrae Pies for a treat. They even serve Gluten Free!


The forward cabin was sanded. Bob purchased a light weight sander, so that’s a job I am at last able to easily undertake. Now to

bog the holes, then paint….

Bob continues working on the engine and all is reassembled. Yesterday, was time to start her for the first time since returning to Australia back in mid May.

The Iron Sail turned, but no success. For some reason there is no fuel getting through. Back at it today is Bob…….


The blocks are gradually progressing. Only four remain to be tacked together.


New Zealand Posts completed

The final posts detailing our New Zealand journey has now been placed online. Now to complete 2019.

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