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Tidied the forward cabin and purchased the first of the food. Weather checks are now a daily job. Our new logo is well under way and is going to look fantastic. Tome is now revamping the blog itself. We are so excited.

Storm in Richards Bay

What a night it was Friday!!!! 50+ knots throughout as a massive low to the south passed through. One section of the pontoons came apart early on as it snapped under the pressure created by the wind. It required the assistance of two tugs with lines attached to the southern piece in order to prevent it from totally falling […]

Engine Refuel and More

Yesterday morning it was an early start as the engine burst to life and we motored to the main dock in order for the tanks to be refueled. Once back inside our berth, Bob worked on the bowsprit in preparation for the new genoa fitting. Another busy day for Bob as the Genoa was removed […]

Imfolozie Game Park

  Only a half hour or so from Richards Bay, Imfolozie ( was the park we left until last. Every park and every day was different in its own indefinable way. Birds…… Warthog Deer ….. We just loved how the animals interacted with one another. Wildebeest grazing…. One of our favourites, the elephants: a heard crossed the road in front […]

A Relaxing Day

Two days of total relaxation have arrived. Bob is lazing upon the bed watching the sci fi ‘Aliens’ movies, whilst I am working upon the pics and spiel. Tomorrow we head to Umfolozi in the hope that we will catch a sight of elephants in the wild. With cooler weather as the result of a southerly that blew […]

Preparations for Richards Bay Departure

Time is a passing and work on Gratis well under way. The engine maintenance is practically completed and the replacement of the flood pump hose continues: good quality product is required, otherwise the oil destroys it. Images from the first day in Hluhluwe have been completed and are now on the page for South Africa. Another week […]

Boat Work and a Bee Sting

A busy day for both of us. Bob and our assistant Hibron are working on transferring the diesel from the portside tank to the starboard in order to fix a leak, then move on to the engine later this afternoon. Meanwhile, I am working on the photos and spiel whilst my shoulder and wrist continue […]

St Lucia Wetlands

Our day wasn’t complete without a second visit to the St Lucia Wetlands. Not a lot of images this time as the position of the afternoon sun impeded. It was fun to just enjoy the moment……. And at last a warthog, who was close enough.  

Bayete Zulu Elephant Interaction

This morning was our last at Hluhluwe River Lodge (, an accommodation we’d recommend to anyone wishing to stay in the region. Beautiful wooden tables   cute figurines   The bed.   A view from the bath tub.   And Bob……….   Incredible food and lovely hosts left behind, our destination was Bayeto Zulu Elephant […]

St Lucia Wetlands

Our journey took us to St Lucia this particular morning:. Our agenda was the local butterfly house where we would discover the indigenous butterflies followed by the Isimangaliso Wetland Park in hope of sighting hippos. Within the Isiphapalazi Butterfly House, the delicate beauties fluttered in the heat of the morning, only resting for a millisecond of time.  Once upon the […]

Emdoneni Cat Rehabilitation Centre

No images this morning. Believing we were heading to Bayeto Zulu Elephant Game Park and informed the drive was only 45 minutes duration, we were surprised when the distance was much greater. With no sign posting, which puzzled us a little, we continued onward, for our information came from a local in the marina who knew the […]

Duma Zulu Cultural Village

The afternoon saw us arriving at the Zulu village, situated at DumaZulu Cultural Village, Bushlands ( Met at the entrance to the village by a Zulu warrior, we were immediately immersed in the Zulu language and culture: it was an experience all in itself. The whole culture revolves around their spiritual beliefs and respect for one another. Each person has […]

Hluhluwe Animal Park, Visit 2

In one word, the Hluhluwe animal park is ‘AWESOME’!!!!!!!   Up with the larks – the park opened at 5am , we returned for further exploration in the hope of sighting elephants and more…. Out came the 800mm. This is a fantastic reference book to purchase for multiple park exploration, or a free individual map that has both […]

Hluhluwe Animal Park, South Africa

An early rise, and on this rain cloud morning we departed for Hluhluwe and our accommodation, Hluhluwe River Lodge, just an hour and a half north of Richards Bay. The red marks our trip to our accommodation, the blue the unexpected exploration we had on the Saturday. Eucalyptus plantations – the trees originally brought in from […]

Up on to the slip for a Clean and Paint

Fish nibbling upon the hull. Definitely time for a clean!     Pics from being up on the slip. Hibron working.   Hibron and Bob posing:     A nice one of Bob:     A lovely clean hull…   and prop…   We even made the paper.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to All. 2014: 5,200 views, 181 on the busiest day; viewed by people from 66 countries. Not bad for a beginning blog. New look with a shopping commerce page coming soon……… What’s happening now? Off to the Safari park this morning.  

Gratis on the Slip for a Clean

Gratis is on the slip, the sanding completed. With an afternoon of gentle rain, the application of the primer must wait until tomorrow.    

Things are a happening!!

After a fantastic Christmas Day. it is back to work. Gratis is supposed to go up on the slip tomorrow morning, so a quick tidy up is required today. The pics from  Reunion are all ready. It’s now a matter of the accompanying spiels to be completed.

Almost time

Only a few hours remaining until we fly to Johannesburg.

It doesn’t rain, it hails….

Murphy’s Law at work once more. Opened a bilge in the fore cabin to discover salt water laying within and the zip lock bags of meds wet within. Delving deeper into the v section of the cabin, where we have dry stores, yet more water; thankfully only lost a bag of sugar and sweets. Have to […]