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Epinal to Charmes Epinal to Charmes

Entering the locks continually caused issues as the fenders rose upon connecting with, then proceeding to run along the walls. This in turn meant the hull was no longer protected and Gratis new paintwork was damaged. Today we experimented with the fenders by lowering them until they sat horizontally upon the water rather than vertically […]

Final Fitting of the Rubbing Strakes

Insert the bolt, sikaflex, tighten the nut, on to the next….. Our girl is looking great!!

Rubbing Strakes, the Fitting

Tight spaces, join shaping by Sam – a trained shipwright – marking, drilling, measuring: the lot. And that was just the fitting!

Main Cabin Area Painting Commenced

and what a difference it makes already.

Gratis Painted

Sanded. Biaggio taping, then painting. Doesn’t our girl look beautiful topside! The guys in Marina di Ragusa boatyard have done a magnificent job.

Rubbing Strakes

The top section of the rubbing strakes is going on today.

Work, Work, Work!!!!!

Work is continuing at a pace. Our old bedroom area is almost completed, the rubbing strakes oiled, and the painting of Gratis’ hull finished at last. Bob is working on painting the decks today and I’m down below painting, varnishing and working on collating the information required for our canal/river sojourn. Our friends from Wallaby […]

Work Keeping Us Busy

With departure for France taking place on May 1st, all is moving at a pace to have Gratis ready on time. The weather playing against us, we are awaiting the final coats of blue to go on today. The rubbing strakes are in the process of being oiled and the varnishing has commenced in our […]

Rubbing Strakes

Yesterday it was time for the new rubbing strakes to be drilled and placed, then removed once more for oiling before final placement. With Bob needing to get to the bolt holes in order for the new to be placed, the boat looks like a disaster zone, as kitchen panels and radios have been removed and other items […]

Work Continuing

The blue coat is going on, The pilot house is almost completed and the half of the undercoat is on the old bed area inside. The pics will come soon. To top things off, the weather is perfect: bright sunny warm days are here.

Work is Starting to Move at a Pace

Except for a small area over the stove, which Bob has to work on, the galley makeover is complete. I have commenced working on our old bed area. Bob has completed his maintenance on the engine, the prop is back on and the rubbing stakes are ready for a coat of epoxy. He started working […]


The painting and varnishing is progressing slowly. Galley ceilings and walls are completed and the varnishing has commenced. Yesterday, Bob placed the top coat on the inside of the bulwark – the upper bit of the hull.

Work Continuing

The galley ceiling is finished and the walls are almost there. Today the remaining painting will be completed and the varnishing commenced. Bob completed the last of the topside undercoating and commenced preparing the bathroom for the bath and its coats of paint. The spiel and images from our time on Ile de la Renunion is […]

Painting Going Ahead

Today Bob commenced painting the external cabin , whilst the last of the galley ceiling was undercoated, followed by half receiving its first top coat.

Still Sanding

Despite the aches and pains, it’s back to the sanding for us both, today.

The Sanding Is Happening

A beautiful day. Bob is out sanding the port side deck, I have edited and readied a few more of the pics from our Midi odyssey and am about ready to sand the ceiling/wall in the galley. By tonight an undercoat will be on.  

Work Continues Despite the Wind

The storms in which winds reached 60+ knots have passed. We still continued working, though. Yesterday saw Bob put in the electricals for the TV’s new position + move the tv. I painted the last of the kitchen cupboards: one more coat to go there. Now catching up on a couple of weeks washing. The […]

The Completed Forward Cabin

Here it is pre – mattress: It’s wonderful having our own sides for hopping in and out and a dream to sleep in.

Forward Cabin

The painting in the forward cabin is completed. Bob is attaching the door handles. I have a bit of varnishing to complete on a couple of pieces of trim, which Bob will then add. A clean out, and the cabin will be ready for the bed. On to the kitchen next……

The Work Continues

Over the past days Bob has prepared the prop shaft for the new cutlass bearing and installed a new sink. Today the weather is perfect and he is now able to re – fibre glass the hull where it had cracked and was letting in water – it had been sanded prior to our departure […]