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And She Is A Beauty! And She Is A Beauty!

It’s been a busy couple of days that have left us exhausted and falling into bed at night. Prior to collecting the van on Wednesday, we drove to Kedron Car Electrics (auto electrician) who wre situated in Kate Street, Kedron, in order to find out what the issue was with regards to the brake lights […]

Brisbane, Here We Are

A three and a half hour drive through lush green countryside, where large pools of water from the last of the March rains still lay, brought us to the outskirts of Brisbane. Our track led us through the exquisitely beautiful region of the Darling Downs and Great Dividing Range. A mix of endless paddocks and forest […]

Cobar, NSW to Dalby Qld

12 hours driving interspersed with breaks and over 918km later, we arrived in Dalby. Beautiful country. Lots of trees, surprisingly green with a great deal of water still laying in the low areas, emus, cattle, a few goats, horses, and a couple of wedge – tailed eagles. Excitement for the day came when the lights […]

Loving Peregian Beach, Queensland Loving Peregian Beach, Queensland

Balmy days and beach wanderings. Tiny crabs scuttling  and scurrying whilst cockles are rapidly burrowing. Lucia received quite a shock upon digging a spot where she espied the bubbles emitted by what she believed to be a cockle hiding. A loud “Ouch” and tears ensued. A tiny finger had been nipped: a crab at work or […]

Peregian Beach, Queensland Peregian Beach, Queensland

We arrived in Peregian Beach last Sunday. Beautiful warmth with that touch of humidity…. Damian, Lucia and Arlo met us at our accommodation: a quick bite at a fantastic pizza place that serves gluten free, then into the car we piled and up to Noosa with their boat. What a beautiful afternoon we all had […]


We are readying for our departure to Brisbane.