Hand pump toilets are not our favourite, so Bob had been searching for a couple of reasonably priced macerator versions.

Just a finger press required, when used the number two and toilet roll becomes slush and doesn’t over time become a rock hardened mass that is nigh impossible to remove from the holding tank.

A man on a mission, Bob spent hours searching online, but as always he eventually had success and by late Wednesday afternoon had purchased two.

Toilets on board, in his mind, there wasn’t a moment to lose. Out of the boxes those two items came, standing ready and waiting for the morn.

As all things to do with boats, the one day turned into a couple, as it took time finding the water inlets – it turned out that the inlet valves for the fridge/freezer and both toilets were joined at one main inlet situated under the floor in front of the freezer, removing the old,

and installing the wiring required for the electric pumps, but there are now two new operating full seat sized toilets.