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Click to view the map showing our trip through Canal du Midi to Sicily.

Saint Helena to Barbados

The pages for our sail from Saint Helena to Barbados and Barbados are no online. Click on the links below.  


The window for departing the Caribbean prior to the incoming Hurricane season becoming ever smaller, Barbados no good, a check of the weather and on to Martinique we headed. Winds light, it was more of an overnight motor than a sail. All one had to do was be aware of sudden wind gusts when travelling […]


Arrival in Barbados took place just after dawn this morning. Check in at customs at the main port, then around to the anchorage to anchor just off of Bridgetown. With massive liners arriving, one was required to exit ASAP. But for the need to replace the cutlass bearing this stop over would not have been on […]

Saint Helena to Barbados

Departing Saint Helena for Barbados on April 1st, as ocean crossings go, this leg was a breeze! 28 days, a slow average of 5 knots due to extremely light winds: what a change. Where light winds had prevailed on previous legs, slight adjustments had been made to the course in an attempt to keep with the stronger winds […]