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Bougival to Cergy: Paris, France Bougival to Cergy: Paris, France

The highlight of the day was visiting the remains of Machine de Marly, another link to Chateau Versailles. Along the way were information boards containing images from well known Impressionists and details about the history of the machine.   Situated just down from the lock, approximately 12km from Paris by road, in its day, this […]

Versailles, the Dreamscape Beyond…. Versailles, the Dreamscape Beyond….

Day two at Versailles……… Discovering how large the estate was, Bob and I arrived just prior to lunch. Would you believe the crowd was four lanes across and growing! Thank goodness we visited the chateau yesterday. Did we really think we were going to see all in the gardens today? Not a chance we discovered. […]

Versailles, France: A King’s Dream Versailles, France: A King’s Dream

A dream come true for me personally: what a birthday present!!!! Only 16km from the centre of Paris and easily reached via rail, set on 800 hectares of land, this French Gothic masterpiece with its English styled gardens was the dream child of Louis IV, the Sun King. Luxurious, opulent, ostentatious, extravagant, lavish and grandiose […]