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SV Taipan SV Taipan

SV Taipan West Australian couple, David and Kris, departed Australia on their 50ft Kaufman in 2004. Today, they are experiencing COVID in the Pacific as they return to Oz once more. At this moment in time, with cyclone season rapidly approaching, Kris and David have to make the decision as to whether they continue to […]

Solar Panel Wiring Going Ahead Solar Panel Wiring Going Ahead

Between rainy days and constantly having to race out for new parts required for finishing the job,it’s been rather slow progress progress for Bob this week. That aside, some advances have been made and he is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as the wiring work comes together. Some soldering, […]

Whale Bay, New Zealand Whale Bay, New Zealand

With perfect weather, there was time for a sojourn ashore. Dinghy readied, and we were off. A loop around Australis 1. It looked like we weren’t the only ones! The tide was coming in…… There was a bit of a climb ahead! Oh, the views were so worth the effort.