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Delfzijl to Groningen, Netherlands Delfzijl to Groningen, Netherlands

An exquisite morning of motoring took us along the Mast – up route to the University and Hanseatic town of Groningen. A bit of an interesting start to the day took place at the Grote Sluis and Kleine Sluis lock entrances. According to our book, each had their own radio channel, however, all sign posting stated the VHF […]

Delfzijl: Groningen, Netherlands

We went out looking for lunch today. Bob, intent on escaping the rain, with Greek on his mind, raced across the street faster than a hare. It was Sunday, and a lone Chinese restaurant was open. An hour later, having wandered the town, like water rats we arrived back at the marina: there in front […]

Emden, Germany to Delfzijl, Netherlands Emden, Germany to Delfzijl, Netherlands

The weather cold and dreary, appearing ready to rain, we had departed our mooring in Emden by 09:00. Schleuse contacted, at that point, we were informed they would have it ready for us. On arrival at the gate, a quick radio call – it’s VHF 13 here – and the massive structure gradually slid open. […]