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The Week That Was 11 The Week That Was 11

And an interesting week it has been……..   We visited our friend who is creating the artwork for the picture book. Wow, is the word! The images are going to be stunning. A Covid outbreak resulted from a worker in a quarantine hotel breaking protocol. Another person lied and the state was put into lockdown […]

Day Trip to Dover: Part 2 Day Trip to Dover: Part 2

Highlight 2 of the Day? Dover Castle!   Dover castle was really three in one. The visitor discovers through thousand years of history in just a few short hours. It really is a place that requires more than a day to do it justice! A steep climb took us to the peak of the hillside […]

Day Trip to Dover: Part 1 Day Trip to Dover: Part 1

Highlight of the Day? A Bronze Age Boat!   Because of the amount of content, I have split the posts into two parts. To make the most of our day, it was an early rise. In the chill of the morn, we rode the bikes to the ferry terminal. On arrival at a roundabout, Bob […]