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Sneek, Netherlands Sneek, Netherlands

Pleasant walk Bob and I are gradually wending our way along the 11 Frisian Cities route. The towns are generally more like a typical Australian country town or German dorf. According to the Sneek tourism (VVV) website: ‘Where in the world are the cities smaller than villages? In Friesland of course. Our cities do not thank the […]

Skutsjesilen Race, Grou then on to Sneek, Netherlands Skutsjesilen Race, Grou then on to Sneek, Netherlands

  Today was the day of days: our opportunity to experience the vibe and excitement of a Skûtsjesilen (pronounced ‘skootshuh’ – oo as in book) race! The Skûtsje is a style of Frisian ship that was once used by the Frisian farmers for ferrying cargo along the narrow, shallow waterways. Ranging from 12 – 20 […]

Earnewald to Grou, Netherlands Earnewald to Grou, Netherlands

Waking to a cool, wet day Bob and I visited the two museums, both of which were entirely different. The first, the Fries Landbouw Museum (Frisian Agricultural Museum) focussed on the landscape and whilst the second was all about the traditional Dutch Skûtsje. In the Fries Landbouwmuseum, the visitor was taken on a journey that […]