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Oberammergau and Linderhof, Germany Oberammergau and Linderhof, Germany

Well, we travelled through the most exquisite of lush green meadow lands encased by thick dark green forests, to Oberammergau: home of the Passion Play. Situated in Bavaria, Deutschland, the town has a delightful feel. Not a sound, other than the low talk of people in the evening, it was a delight to wander: a town that […]

Blaubeuren, Germany to Oberammergau, Bavaria Blaubeuren, Germany to Oberammergau, Bavaria

Climbing commenced immediately upon departing Blaubeuren. Pastureland covered in corn (hand – picking in one) and grains with the great pine forests extending down to their edge. Small green & white signs meant cycling/walking paths we discovered when Bob took a wrong turn by accident and wooden barns were prevalent. Not a great deal had […]