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Hitdorf to Oberhausen, Germany Hitdorf to Oberhausen, Germany

This afternoon Gratis completed her Rhein sojourn as she turned into the Rhein – Herne Canal. The widest we had been onto date, it easily handled two barges of twelve metre width and a small boat or two. It was important to keep toward the back in these locks as the rush of water was […]

On the Rhein

120km today. Beautiful country. Moored in a marina at Hitdorf.  

Koblenz to Wiesbaden and Return (Car), Germany Koblenz to Wiesbaden and Return (Car), Germany

This afternoon, Bob and I drove along the Rhein to the south of Koblenz, first on the eastern bank, then the west to glean an insight into the lay of the land and to determine whether it would be worth a visit in the future. As always, the scenery blew us away. Very different to […]